The Db-707 is an online 3D synthesizer keyboard. Twist it, swirl it, play it.

NOTE: If you are using MAC OSX, this keyboard will not work as it uses a beatnik xtra that doesn't exist for OSX - Sorry.

Move the Synth
- Shift + Drag for X rotation
- Shift + ~ + Drag for Y rotation
- Shift + SPACE + Drag for Z rotation
- Up and Down arrows for zoom
- Left and Right arrows for pan

Instrument Selector
- Change instrument by clicking on the "+" and "-" buttons
- Change instrument bank by rotation the bank knob

- Left slider for the instrument
- Right slider for the beats

Beat Selector
- Click on the buttons

- Rotate the knobs to change value.

you need to you will need to change the synth orientation for a better access to the various controls.
Use the computer's keyboard to play chords